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Wallflowers and Beyond Local Art Classes

In Judy's art classes, you will learn more art theory than the average art class, simply because, Judy wants to give you a successful experience of drawing and watercolour painting.


Class 1:

The first class is devoted to drawing techniques, contour line drawing, which stimulates observation skills. This is done by examining still life and interpreting a 3-dimensional object in a 2 dimensional drawing, a very good basic skill. You will be encouraged to practice at home, as it is in practice that you will become a good observer and increase your hand-eye coordination.


Class 2 & 3:

The second and third lessons will introduce you to matters of creating volume and describing form by shading. Judy will guide you through demonstration and will work with you individually to help you understand this process.


Class 4:

The fourth class is an introduction to the materials required for watercolour painting. Judy will show you the materials so that you can purchase what you will need. This will consist of 3 part sable brushes, 6 very specific pigments, and good watercolour paper. Judy doesn't believe in students using unsatisfactory equipment because it only results in frustration. She will give demonstrations and exercises which will give you a grasp of the medium.


Class 5 & 6:

The fifth and sixth classes will include working with Wet-in wet washes, understanding your brushes and their uses. Understanding warm and cool colours, the uses of both glazes, the importance of transparent and opaque pigments, and adding pigment by working on still life. These techniques are fundamental.


Further classes will allow you to develop more advanced skills.


Advanced Classes:

These classes are designed for those who have completed the beginners class. Judy will give you further instruction on drawing and watercolour, and introduce acrylic painting.  


Attention will be given to developing good composition strategies as we work with still life, landscapes, and portraiture. Students will be encouraged to explore their own areas of special interest. There will be demonstrations in the various mediums.


The course covers six classes for $240.

Each class is 2 hours long.

Children's Classes: Apart from her regular and advanced classes, Judy runs specialty classes designed for 5 to 7 yr olds.

For more details and to book a class, simply email Judy at

My son took a painting class with Judy and it was fantastic. She was so relaxed and allowed the kids to be experimental and explore the art, rather than trying to make everyone create a cookie cutter image.


She was great with the kids and is a fantastic artist.


Highly recommend!

- Crimsonfoxfire

Judy is a VERY talented artist using many mediums. Her studio is a delight with the cross between an art gallery and a comfy living room.


As a qualified teacher she has real skill in teaching others and is excellent with children.

- Cindy Dayneswood

Judy is a wonderfully talented artist and teacher. We have and continue to enjoy, several original art pieces done by Judy over the years.


Painting is in her DNA.

- Ian Dwood

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